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MMA colorful quartz resin flooring used in The SSE Hydro
The SSE Hydro uses the MMA colorful quartz resin flooring
The SSE Hydro arena, Glasgow’s new 13,000 capacity venue, used over 9,000 m² of
MMA colorful quartz resin flooring solutions.
The £125 million construction has become the city’s latest landmark, and will become the fifth busiest arena in Europe.
MMA colorful quartz resin floorings’s rapid installation MMA acrylic resin flooring solution,was installed across 8,500 m² of the Main Bowl Arena, creating a hard wearing and decorative finish able to withstand heavy traffic, impacts and continuous wear.
This product is ideal for commercial sites that want to speed up constructions that would other wise incur weeks or months of problematic downtime whilst the floor cured. In comparison MMA colorful quartz resin flooring can be trafficable in as little as two hours, meaning that follow on work can begin again the same day the floor is laid.
This was a particular asset for The SSE Hydro project, as high-profile concerts and
sporting events had already been booked, meaning that a fast construction turn around,without any delays, was essential.
MMA seamless terrazzo system was also applied over 511 m²of the arena. Containing 50% recycled glass aggregate, this solution creates a hardwearing, eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing finish.

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