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MMA colorful quartz resin flooring used in Wembley Arena 
Wembley Arena is one of London’s iconic performance venues and this area faces a majorrefurbishment. So the responsible person of this project ask this refurbishment should make the room more atmosphere and match to the surrounding environment.
This project finally utilize the latest in MMA colorful quartz resin flooring technology, this resin flooring offers a floor finish that looks good and stands up to all the demands associated with floors for public spaces. In most cases the floor is ready to use just two hours after application. What’s more, it has no effect to the normal business during application and the flooring is anti-wear.
MMA colorful quartz resin flooring also offers good slip-resistance, can withstand thermal shocks and impact, and is hard wearing. Furthermore, its seamless finish delivers an easy-clean finish that makes it easy to maintain.
MMA colorful quartz resin floorings’ qualities, coupled with its decorative style - available in a wide-range of coloursand styles to create an eye-catching finish - makes it an ideal choice where an attractivefloor needs to be installed quickly, with minimal disruption.
At Wembley Arena, the floor creates a durable, attractive surface underfoot through out the building, including the box office area and walkways between the seats.
整个温布利体育场包括票房区及看台座位的人行道的整个足下区域都创造一个耐用、极具吸引力美观的树脂地面。 (责任编辑:MMA树脂地坪网)

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